Horoscop virgo 15 15 december 2019

Change continues to be a theme of the day as the moon squares off with the sun at AM, asking us whether we really want to continue in the direction we're heading. The moon enters fire sign Aries at PM, boosting our energy! The moon enters Aries this evening, bringing fun your way. Your focus turns to your home and family tonight as the moon enters Aries.

The moon enters Aries tonight, bringing news your way.

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The moon is in your sign for most of today, Pisces, and it asks whether you are truly nurturing and supporting yourself, especially when it comes to your career. The moon enters Aries this evening, shifting your focus to money. The moon in Pisces encourages you to rest up today. The moon enters your sign tonight, asking you to listen to your heart.

Horoscope 2018 - Virgo by Virginia Bell

Either something has gained a new importance or something you were anxious about has resolved itself—either way, a shift in perspective arrives today. Balancing your career and your relationships is a big focus today, Gemini. Tension is in the air, but things get moving as the moon enters fiery Aries tonight, connecting you with likeminded people.

The moon is in fellow water sign Pisces for most of today, encouraging you to think big. This evening, you set your sights on your goals as the moon enters Aries and lights up the sector of your chart that rules your career. Today you learn whether some flirtations in your life are serious or not. Knowing you have done everything you possibly could has always been enough for you to know in the past.

Virgo daily horoscope - 9 October

You will be wishing to pour your heart out to someone who understands you but reluctance to make the call will be difficult for you. Tip of the day : A sudden realization regarding the toxic nature of a close friend might inspire you to distance yourself from them. Try communicating your concerns to said friend before any hasty decisions. It would be understandable today if you stuck your head out of the window and let out a blood curdling scream Gemini because if your Monday blues could be described, they would be called the navy blues.

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The beginning of the day will kick off a series of mishaps including troubles at home, a silly financial error and more sprinkled throughout the day will further infuriate you. The night is darker just before the dawn, and this is exactly it.

Virgo 2019: The Past Is Still In Your Future Virgo ❤ October November December 2019

Go about your business today Gemini instead of trying to keep things in control and this will soon be over before you know it. Tip of the day : Pay extra attention to any legal or financial documents you sign today. A good idea to read them thoroughly before you put pen to paper. Itching to throw your stuff into a backpack and take the first flight out of your city are we Cancer? An argument with someone close will leave you feeling a bit annoyed sometime during the day but things may come around before midnight.

Dress to kill today Cancer, and while others are groaning, enjoy the spotlight.

Daily Horoscope by Moon Sign

Reason with them instead. While your significant other will have multiple brushes with the romantic, thoughtful, giving and spontaneous Leo, some of your friends shall be at the receiving end of your rude, egotistical and indifferent side. Try accepting criticisms every once in a while and you will actually be the pleasure you think you are around people. Is it fussy? You would probably create a fuss at being called that but do you really have a tendency to kick up a storm over trivial things? Professionally, you could have a big decision at your hands but make sure you think long and hard before taking one.

Try switching up your diet by adding some healthier alternatives to it today. Tip of the day : An uncharacteristically clumsy day for you Virgo.

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Avoid the impulse to juggle fragile objects if you can. You have been attempting to address it but nothing seems to have made an impact so thoughts of giving up might cloud your judgement today Libra. It is certainly better than making things worst. You have unsuspectingly achieved something after being written off by this person s , but being presented with a perfect opportunity to gloat, it would be wise if you choose not to.

Perhaps your favorite food, or curling up on the sofa and watching your favorite film, or both? Tip of the day : You will be longing to spend some time with your partner today but may not get the opportunity to do it so why not plan a much more elaborate date for the week? Try not overcompensating for it by going slightly overboard on other aspects of your life like food or alcohol today.